Portfolio Data Management
Consistent, accurate, and timely processing of data to deliver results you can trust.

Proactive, high-touch data monitoring and support

Receive the highest quality output possible with FactSet's Portfolio Data Management Services, which delivers proactive data management and support before, during, and after your content is entered into FactSet.

Gain access to our high-touch monitoring, reconciliation, and data management processes that use a combination of automated processes and in-person verification. We track your data workflows and provide pre- and post-calculation data checks including workflow monitoring, file consistency checks, integration checks, multi-asset class coverage checks, fixed-income analytics, classifications, and returns checks. Our services work around the clock consuming hundreds of thousands of CPU hours per day, calculating over three million unique instruments so you can scale your firm’s operations while minimizing the resource-intensive operation of integrating, reconciling, and standardizing data across your business.

If any issues arise throughout your workflows, our coordinators proactively monitor all jobs and alert our engineering teams to ensure any errors are corrected before they impact you, preventing delays or incomplete jobs from ever occurring.

Ensure consistent, accurate, and timely processing of portfolio- and security-level data

Extensive experience

FactSet offers four decades of experience storing and transforming proprietary data in our data centers.

Reduced cost of ownership

Minimize the resource-intensive operation of integrating, reconciling, and standardizing data across your enterprise.


We can cleanse as much or as little data as you require. Our services grow alongside your needs.


Data and reports are delivered to you before deadline, every time. Detailed, client-specific standard operating procedures ensure all tasks are consistently met and real-time remediation ensures any errors are corrected before reports are finalized.


Highly skilled teams use a robust suite of reports to perform daily reconciliation on your data.


An intuitive web-based portal gives you full visibility into where and how your data is being processed.


FactSet builds and delivers a nimble solution that caters to your specific process requirements so you only get the services you need.

Multi-asset class support

Rely on customized reports, checks, and levels of data integration for all assets in your universe from common equity to OTC derivatives.

FactSet helps us consolidate data very quickly, so we can make decisions that will benefit our clients over time.

Dan Davidowitz, CIO and Lead Portfolio Manager, Polen Capital

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