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Firm Type

Private Equity

The Challenge

The firm required a platform that adheres to the federal regulations of China, Hong Kong, and the United States.


FactSet RMS Partners

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The Challenge

The research team at China Renaissance is highly experienced in onboarding and supporting global clients. Its main objective is to generate innovative investment ideas while providing clients with flexible and highly configurable solutions. To further this goal, leadership at the firm sought to grow its business swiftly to reach more clients in China and throughout international entities.

Partnering with a vendor that had a strong presence internationally and locally, with the ability to support China Renaissance’s proposed time to market was imperative. The vendor also needed a reliable database that could satisfy three different sets of regulations from Hong Kong, China, and the United States. The firm also required a research distribution system that could identify their client’s preferences for financial advice and product news.

The Solution

Following a thorough RFP process, the research team selected FactSet RMS Partners to streamline their research-creation process and expand their global reach. To stay congruent with the different regional provisions and federal regulations of Hong Kong and China, FactSet created two database instances, each equipped with local reporting and compliance monitoring to keep each team adherent. To further support compliance efforts, FactSet Partners was fully integrated with Microsoft Office to help the China Renaissance team prepare presentations and reports for auditing.

With the overarching goal of enhancing their client outcomes, the research team integrated Partners with their internal CRM and bespoke data model providers. By doing this, the team was able to use client records to automatically target their customers with relevant financial advice and research documents. This was done by using Partners’ targeted distribution abilities to upgrade the firm’s traditional push model. Through Partners’ integration with the firm’s AI engines, the research team was able to easily distribute documents across various channels and analyze their reach through readership statistics.

The Results

Implementation of the system was painless and laborsaving with the local support of FactSet in China. By installing in shifts
to meet the requested go-live date, the research team was able to access the core system first and targeted distribution
and further template and system configuration in a second phase. China Renaissance launched the program in China and Hong Kong within the planned timeline and budget despite the COVID-19 pandemic. With the help of FactSet, China Renaissance became the first global broker to have a research production and distribution platform under the same brand.

With an intelligible configuration tool for their research templates, the team can flexibly make small changes that previously took days to complete. They also have more control in managing client access to their portal by using targeted distribution.

FactSet Partners has simplified the reporting process that is used to meet the requirements of each distinctive region’s regulations. As a result, the firm has been able to double stock coverage without the need to deploy additional employees in both locations.

Download the case study