Our commitment to supporting and growing our workforce diversity.


Inclusion is one of our core values.

We are unified by the spirit of going above and beyond for our clients and each other. We look to foster a globally inclusive culture, enabling our people to be themselves at work and to join in, be heard, contribute, and grow. We continually seek to expand our workforce with diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences. We recognize that our best ideas can come from anyone, anywhere, at any time and help us provide the best solutions for our clients around the globe.

Our inclusive work environment maximizes our diversity values, engagement, productivity, and ultimately makes FactSet a fun place to work. 

Our Commitments


Leadership Commitment

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion begins with our CEO, Phil Snow, and the entire FactSet leadership team.  As part of our diversity and inclusion efforts, we hold our leaders accountable for measuring progress and setting expectations for a diverse workforce and inclusive culture that is critical to our continued success.

Our senior leaders also serve as Executive Sponsors for our Business Resource Groups or employee networks. As Sponsors, they provide visible commitment and actionable support for Business Resource Groups and increase and support overall diversity at FactSet by modeling the way forward.


Business Resource Groups (BRGs)

BRGs are company-sponsored and employee-led communities with a mission to champion the full participation of our employees at all levels. While each BRG focuses on a specific dimension of diversity, they are all guided by our core value of inclusion and open to all employees, regardless of their cultural backgrounds, sexual orientation, or origin. In fact, we encourage participation from all employees.

Our Business Resource Groups (BRGs) are one of many diversity initiatives championing the full participation and inclusion of FactSetters. BRGs support the recruitment, development, and retention of our diverse talent with participation open to all employees. FactSet supports the beside employee networks.



Diversity Pillars

We continue to evolve diversity in the workplace and our inclusion strategy by focusing on our leaders’ visible commitment, developing and implementing a diversity recruiting strategy, retaining and advancing our diverse talent pipeline, and continuing to foster an inclusive culture. FactSet’s leadership is committed to cultural diversity and corporate social responsibility, which is built around these pillars.



The core of our diversity and inclusion strategy is a focus on hiring the best and brightest diverse candidates who contribute talent, unique perspectives, and experiences to our company.

We have implemented a robust diversity-recruiting strategy focusing on increasing our diversity sourcing and hiring globally. As part of the overall talent acquisition strategy, we continue to expand our pool of universities and deepen our diversity networks and external partnerships. In addition, we maintain progress in measuring and strengthening our recruitment practices knowing our goal is to have a positive impact and an inclusive workplace.

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Retention 2

Retention, Growth, & Advancement

As a company, we are focused on building our retention, growth, and advancement efforts to support the success of our future leaders from diverse backgrounds. Across the globe, we have implemented mentoring and sponsorship programming with the goals of building a diverse pipeline of talent, supporting professional development, and expanding career development initiatives.

Serving Our Clients

Inclusive Culture

We continue to provide training and guidance around diversity through educational programming, which includes hosting unconscious bias learning, speaker events, and courageous conversations. Through interactive programming, we seek to continue to educate and engage our employees to ensure we are fostering an inclusive culture, positive employee experience, and work environment.

Transparency and accountability

FactSet’s leadership is committed to improving diversity representation as part of our DE&I strategy. To this end, FactSet will continue investing in DE&I resources and initiatives. Together, we will work to recruit, advance, and engage talent at FactSet with an inclusive culture unified by the FactSet spirit of going above and beyond. By reporting our workforce demographics as part of our DE&I strategy, we are making a visible step in our commitment. By 2023 we aspire to measurably change the make-up of our employee demographics to better include underrepresented groups. We will continue to report on our progress in our annual Sustainability Report and to otherwise increase transparency as part of our DE&I strategy.

DEI Image 1DEI Image 2

Global Gender reporting methodology and notes: All data is as of August 31, 2022. Leadership is defined as VP level and above. All data is based on self-identification and does not include employees who have not disclosed their gender. We recognize that our current gender reporting is not yet inclusive of people who identify as non-binary.

U.S. Race/Ethnicity reporting methodology and notes: All data is as of August 31, 2022. U.S. race/ethnicity data is categorized based government defined U.S. EEO-1 reporting standards, with the exception of “Race/Ethnicity not disclosed.” All data is based on self-identification. Leadership is defined as VP and above. Percentages may not add up to 100% due to rounding.


FactSet scored 100 on the Corporate Equality Index™, the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s national benchmarking tool on policies and practices pertaining to LGBTQ employees, earning the distinction of Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality, for the seventh consecutive year.


Global Representation of Women


Business Resource Group Leaders


Employees Engaged in D&I Programming
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Please find below our 2022 Sustainability Report. It outlines how we supported our colleagues, clients, and communities, as well as the steps we took to ensure the highest standards of safety, wellbeing, and responsibility.

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