The broad deployment of FactSet workstations and unlimited access to FactSet data simplified the firm’s content sourcing while ensuring data consistency across all applications used by its bankers.

Firm Type

Global Investment Bank

The Challenge

Provide scalability, flexibility, and data consistency across content and internal applications

FactSet Solution

FactSet Workstation, FactSet Standard DataFeeds

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The Challenge

The firm was sourcing the data populating its internal analysis tools from multiple data vendors resulting in usability and scalability restrictions as well as increasing costs.

This global investment bank was using multiple sources to power its various internal data systems. The bank’s technical team found that its existing implementation was too restrictive and that the setup and maintenance of the various data feeds were extremely cumbersome. They needed a consistent data source for various systems including their internal CRM, pitchbooks, and mobile solutions. They came to FactSet looking to displace their incumbent data providers and banking platform to streamline their solutions and better serve both senior and junior bankers.

The Solution

FactSet provided the firm with its workstation solution including unlimited access to its proprietary data via standard data feeds.

FactSet delivered an Enterprise License Agreement including the workstation and unlimited access to FactSet’s extensive datasets via standard data feeds. With over 30 available datasets, which includes two dozen unique to FactSet, FactSet is an industry leader in acquiring, integrating, and managing financial data. The firm required accurate and diversified data as well as comprehensive data governance. FactSet’s ability to provide standardized, integrated data was a key factor in their decision.

FactSet’s unique, flexible, and scalable technology solutions allowed this client to leverage various technologies including APIs, data feeds, and pre-canned HTML views. The flexibility of having an open access partnership with FactSet for content meant that the technology team did not have to come back to FactSet to relicense the content for every new project; they could incorporate the data for every technology project in their pipeline.

The firm was also able to leverage the FactSet workstation for
their data needs. The seamless integration with Microsoft office applications gave the bankers direct access to FactSet’s extensive and unique financial content sets. The broad deployment of both workstations and data feeds allowed the firm to embrace technology as needed and ensure consistency of data whether accessed via FactSet or inhouse applications.

The Outcome

The investment bankers at this firm now have access to consistent data across all FactSet and internal applications.

This firm trusted FactSet to supply the data to support the entire banking workflow from data feeds to FactSet’s desktop and web solutions. Junior and senior bankers alike now rely on a single source of data powering everything from CRM to data models and pitchbooks, assured that they are seeing consistent numbers across all platforms.

The scalability and ease of deployment of FactSet’s solutions helped the firm quickly realize workflow efficiencies. With unlimited access to FactSet’s data, this firm was able to simplify its sourcing of data to power its internal technical systems. The technology teams are easily able to integrate and re-use datasets across any applications leveraging this flexible technology. An added benefit was overall cost reduction; externally, the firm reduced payments to multiple vendors and internally, the technical team lowered its data maintenance overhead. This comprehensive data agreement set up FactSet as a partner for quality content, technology, and service for this firm.

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