Ho Chi Minh City Securities Corporation Improves Quality of Research Reports with FactSet Partners

See how the research team of Vietnam's leading investment bank leveraged FactSet to improve their efficiency and easily produce professional, quality research.

Firm Type

Sell-Side Research

The Challenge

Need for increased professionalism and consistency in research reports

FactSet Solution

FactSet Partners' Authoring and Publication tools

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About HSC

Founded in 2003, Ho Chi Minh City Securities Corporation (HSC) is a leading securities brokerage firm and investment bank in Vietnam. HSC provides an array of financial products that cater to private and institutional clients, including professional investment advisory services supported by solid, trusted, award-winning research expertise.

The Challenge

As the Head of Research for HSC, Christopher Hunt leads a team that is responsible for creating research that provides fundamental insights and analysis to private and institutional clients.

Vietnam is an increasingly active and profitable financial market. At the moment, global bulge bracket competition is minimal, but that is likely to change relatively quickly.

“We want to maintain an edge in our local market. The key to remaining competitive and producing high-quality research is to have great analysts as well as powerful technology,” says Hunt.

Despite clear goals, the team faced several challenges. Analysts spent a significant amount of time addressing technology bugs, their reports lacked consistency, and the support needed to solve these challenges was not readily available.

The Solution

Familiar with FactSet from previous roles, Hunt and Philip Tulk, HSC’s Head of Product Management, contacted FactSet to inquire about its research production solutions, specifically authoring and publishing tools. They required a reliable partner to support their efforts.

“We knew FactSet was a rock-solid solution, and solidity was what we were trying to deliver,” says Tulk.

While the ability to publish on the web, which FactSet’s solution fully supports, is convenient and aids remote working, it was FactSet’s Microsoft Word integration that Hunt and Tulk sought to address consistency concerns within research documents. This allowed HSC users to create nine predesigned yet flexible charts and graphs that reflect their brand. Analysts can now easily pull these visuals into their reports to improve clarity, professionalism, and uniformity.

The Results

Since implementation, HSC’s research is now on par with global institutions, giving them a strong competitive advantage. The team’s twelve analysts produce an average of five reports a day. Turnaround time has improved significantly, which is important as HSC’s retail clients value a constant news flow.

“The support that FactSet has given us has been very important and very crucial,” says Hunt. “There’s nothing more frustrating than buying something off the shelf, rolling out a project or solution, and not getting the support after the fact. I’m absolutely very comfortable in saying that FactSet’s aftersales care has been excellent.”

“It’s been a good, proactive experience. I truly felt as though I’m in a partnership. FactSet is a responsive organization that is client focused, and that’s what you want in a solution,” he adds.

As a result of this positive experience, HSC is exploring additional solutions and integrations within the FactSet Partners suite, including distribution tools and the research access portal.


Download the Case Study