FactSet content and API allowed financial advisors to provide personalized investment information to their ultra-high net worth clients.

Firm Type

Large International Wealth Management Firm

The Challenge

Provide financial intelligence tailored to a client’s portfolio and areas of interest

FactSet Solution

FactSet’s StreetAccount API

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The Challenge

To improve client engagement, financial advisors needed to personalize the news content provided to their clients via the firm’s online portal.

A large international wealth management firm used a third-party news source to populate portfolio content on a web site for its ultra-high net worth investors (UHNWIs). However, the firm’s advisors saw that engagement on their portal was decreasing. Client feedback indicated that users were receiving too much and often irrelevant information, which discouraged them from using the portal. The firm therefore needed to find a way to provide content that was more related to clients’ portfolios and interests to avoid losing share of wallet for their most valued investors. The Head of Client Digital Experience sought to improve user engagement by providing a more personalized experience for their clients.

The Solution

FactSet provides unique market intelligence via API.

FactSet’s StreetAccount API was the answer for this firm, offering a data feed of news content distilled into key digestible takeaways that are actionable, insightful, and timesaving. Because of the extensive data tagging of this content set, the firm could easily apply its algorithms to the news feed, allowing it to personalize the content for each investor. This meant not only seeing content on relevant portfolio holdings, but also on markets, geopolitics, and industries of interest. Having this functionality and information online made this added-value service accessible to the firm’s clients via their own personalized portal anytime, anywhere, which research suggests is increasingly important to UHNWIs.

On the advisor side, FactSet workstations were deployed to replace the firm’s existing market data system. This allowed for consistency between the data being used by the advisor and the information seen by clients.

The Outcome

FactSet’s content and technology helped the firm add value to its UHNW client service and increase engagement.

With FactSet’s StreetAccount API in place, the firm saw improvements in both user experience and client engagement. Having customized portfolio news allowed UHNWIs to work more effectively with their financial advisor and make investment decisions that were more informed. Today, this functionality differentiates the firm against competitors and potentially to the next generation of UHNWIs.

Following this successful implementation, FactSet is working with the firm to look at other premium content sets to add even more options for tailoring investment information. For example, incorporating FactSet Revere’s industry classification, supply chain, and hierarchy data will enable advisors to provide further details on the source of client portfolio performance. This will help advisors meet their strict mandates from investors and avoid risk by targeting or avoiding investments in certain regions and industries.


Download the case study