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Search through user transaction data, trace over 10 million transactions by over 500,000 company leaders and executives with a unique insider ID, as well as links to roughly 250,000 individuals from the FactSet People Database.

Leverage data for over 60,000 stocks across 50 countries with an average history of 12 years across all regions to ensure maximize coverage of your investable universe and the portfolio management process.

Increase the accuracy of your analysis with uniform data representation across time and regions, such as standardized hierarchical positions and transaction labels. Signals based on insider transactions typically provide orthogonal value and are uncorrelated to other quantitative factors.

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Gain access to an accurate and complete global insider transaction database that provides an average of 3,000 transactions daily. Contrary to other sentiment data, 2iQ captures ownership activity of corporate insiders who use their own capital to demonstrate confidence in their business. 2iQ has leveraged over a decade of experience working with insider transaction data and some of the top quantitative managers globally to create a custom insider transactions rating model. This model ranks companies based on insider sentiment to identify the transactions and insiders with the highest predictive strength, then delivers a trading signal in the form of a score which can be used as an input to the quantitative portfolio construction process.

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Founded in 2002 at the Frankfurt University business incubator, 2iQ has become a leading provider of insider transaction data with global coverage of over 60,000 stocks. 2iQ uses proprietary technology that includes machine learning and smart scraping plus an international team of expert data analysts to ensure smart, efficient capturing and processing of company filings and data. Top hedge funds, quantitative portfolio managers, and asset managers leverage 2iQ’s products and services.

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