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Added to Marketplace: April 6, 2020


Utilize Aapryl’s research platform to leverage its manager skill prediction algorithms to increase the likelihood of choosing tomorrow’s top performing managers, rather than yesterday’s investment managers.

Aapryl’s data solution normalizes manager skill estimates, contextualizes the market conditions under which they are likely to outperform, and renders more optimal and comprehensive portfolio construction.

Aapryl’s crowding module allows allocators to evaluate their portfolio’s factor diversification and the risk of factor crashing

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Aapryl is an analytical, investment manager research platform which provides allocators the tools to discern which managers possess skill through factor timing or stock selection, as opposed to managers whose style has just been in favor. Aapryl has several modules which allow users to analyze a funds skill and style, simulate returns, optimize portfolios, analyze if a fund has factor crowding risk, and screen for new managers.

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Aapryl is a financial technology company that develops analytical tools for asset allocators to use for investment manager selection, portfolio construction and risk management activities. In addition, Aapryl offers a Manager Diagnostic analytical tool for investment managers wanting to understand how they are being viewed by investors and consultants.

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