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Credit Suisse’s Accounting Quality Score provides an overall score for each company that is based on hundreds of financial line items/ratios across four categories and 15 subcategories, including Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Stock Compensation, Special Items & Non-GAAP EPS, and Intangibles. The weighted average of the 15 subcategory scores is the Overall Accounting Score. Users can pull the overall accounting quality factor or any of the 15 subcategories for any company.

Monthly Overall and Subcategory Accounting Quality Scores for the entire CS Accounting Quality Universe (~10,000 companies).

Ability to integrate a proven, 100% quantitative Accounting Quality metric into the investment decision process.

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A Patented Approach to Understanding Accounting Risk Powered by the best data and a model built by CPAs + CFAs, Credit Suisse’s Accounting Quality (CSAQ) helps investors bring accounting quality into their investment process by systemically identifying potential risks across their holdings using a 100% quantitative approach. The underlying data is powered by HOLT, a team renowned for its quality of data and expertise in making adjustments to reported financial data to remove accounting distortions and enable investors to better understand the true operating fundamentals and valuation of a company. CSAQ is used by top investment banks and hedge funds, and should be a critical piece to your investment process.

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HOLT is a team that helps investors make better decisions by using an objective framework for comparing and valuing companies. HOLT provides investors with a unique and consistent approach to benchmarking the corporate profitability of 20,000 companies around the world. The HOLT methodology eliminates distortions in global accounting statements, enabling clients to focus on investment decision-making, rather than on data collection.

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