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Enhance your investment analysis with global coverage of company transcripts that can be turned into a top-down factor with our transcript text analysis data.

Consistently capture sentiment and topics in transcripts to forecast risk, direction and volatility. Every transcript is broken down into sections, which are then classified by topics. There are 250 topics, including Accounting, Commodity Costs, Guidance, Product Recall, Regulations, Technology, and more.

This transcript text analysis allows you to leap beyond lexicon and price-derived NLP. Alexandria’s programs can match a professional investment analyst with >91% accuracy, processing each article in 1/10th the blink of an eye, across the thousands of call transcripts published every day from around the world.

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Alexandria’s global earnings calls transcripts dataset is the application of proprietary algorithms on company transcripts; as well as on earnings, investor, and all public company calls. Each transcript is parsed into many sections of structured data, each showing detail on what was said in that section including the topic, the sentiment, the speaker and more.

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Alexandria Technology creates proprietary machine learning algorithms that classify text for entities, events/topics, sentiment, and more. Launched in 2012, Alexandria’s classification systems have been trained by research analysts and portfolio managers, creating an AI analyst that reads text like a human but performs with the speed and consistency of a machine.

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