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Added to Marketplace: May 31, 2022


Leverage unique analysis methods that allow you to use stock performance and sector performance as a base index for predicting the business results and stock prices of public Japanese companies.

Access standardized data across Automotive, Outings Facilities, and House Builders sectors in a single file.

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MicroAd's datasets are directly contracted from a number of specialized, well-known web media channels in Japan. It uses proprietary methods to reduce noise and extract only the most effective webpage views, which are then added up as page views for each company. Page views are calculated as standardized data that takes monthly fluctuation rates into account. Data is collected and updated monthly.

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MicroAd Inc. is one of the largest data companies in Japan, mainly providing various types of digital marketing solutions based on its technology, partnerships with web media and data providers, and unique data analysis expertise. MicroAd updates the standard of advertising technology in Japanese & Asian markets, offering solutions specifically around digital marketing. It is expanding its service as an alternative data supplier & data consulting partner to keep creating new value in the market.

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