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Time-versioned data store. Alpha provides a fully time versioned store of large sets of financial data and unstructured data. Allowing users to query data values as they currently are, or were at any time in the past. Alpha allows fuzzy text searches on financial instrument data enabling easier access and improved data discovery. The full-text indexing component incorporated into Prime supports keyword text searches.

Low-latency and high-throughput. Alpha uses leading NoSQL database technology. Its peer-to-peer architecture ensures fast performance at extreme scale. Instantaneously stream and publish data and derived data when terms and conditions, time series and dependent data changes are made. Fast API for low-latency access. Alpha enables organizations to deploy in the cloud or on-premise. Alpha enables a cost-efficient infrastructure with scalability in a near linear fashion.

Platform integration. Alpha includes an open API to support rapid integration with external systems. Alpha can also be accessed via a Java API which leverages streaming capabilities. Alpha provides a consistent data model and user interface as well as real-time replication with our mastering solution Prime. Alpha has been developed with transparent fault-tolerance built into the design. Replication across nodes, multiple data centers, and the cloud ensures no downtime.

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Alpha is a cloud-deployed delivery, storage and analytics platform using Cassandra NoSQL database technology and Apache Spark. It offers very fast data access and significant reductions in infrastructure costs. Alpha provides an extensive range of accessibility and exploration options to allow easy access to data coming from our data mastering solution as well as other data sources. Alpha includes native integration to Python and R, as well as integration with BI tools. Business users directly access data through enterprise search capabilities and use Spark to develop and on-board financial models. Alpha is used as part of a market data infrastructure to provision mastered market data for proxies, backtesting, risk and stress testing.

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Alveo is the leader in market data integration and analytics solutions for financial services. Focused on optimizing data flows for user self-service, we provide cloud-native data aggregation and data quality management that enables clients to access trusted data while maximizing their data ROI. Through our managed services, we ensure that clients can smoothly onboard, prepare and validate data for use in operations, trading, investment management, pricing, risk, reporting and machine learning.

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