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Our industry data model serves as the first step in the data mastering process whereby raw data, as provided by external sources or internal feeds are translated into a common format. Once the data has been translated into a standardized format, it can then be matched, validated and consolidated to fill any gaps. This process includes the matching and arbitrating to combine one or more normalized sources to create a comprehensive consolidated golden copy version.

During mastering, Alveo infers links between legal entities, financial instruments and corporate actions and tracks links between sources and master data sets, cross references between different classification schemes for instruments and industries, as well as between different instrument identifiers. An automatic matching process compares data values from different sources to spot inconsistencies. Exception management processes based on configurable validation rules ensure data accuracy.

Alveo includes a powerful time series engine that can cope with large volumes of historical price data of any frequency and create derived data including new attributes, proxy values, shocks and scenarios, and risk factors. Our solution is used to support risk data aggregation challenges, independent valuation, factor preparation, stress testing and other market data management needs in valuation, risk, product control and operations.

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Our range of data quality management and technology solutions service the entire data management lifecycle, including reference data, market data and corporate actions. Alveo enables business and IT users in front, middle and back office make the most of their data assets by providing easy data acquisition, cleansing and validation, distribution, discovery, and monitoring. Our data mastering solution including our Ops360 UX tracks the lifecycle from point of capture, through cross-referencing, data quality management and data derivation to final delivery. All while having the ability to see complete data lineage to know which sources led to certain values or prices - and when they changed.

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Alveo is the leader in market data integration and analytics solutions for financial services. Focused on optimizing data flows for user self-service, we provide cloud-native data aggregation and data quality management that enables clients to access trusted data while maximizing their data ROI. Through our managed services, we ensure that clients can smoothly onboard, prepare and validate data for use in operations, trading, investment management, pricing, risk, reporting and machine learning.

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