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Put robust income analytics, public data and more together to super-charge your risk management process. Leverage a single, comprehensive source of alternative data for the U.S. municipal bond market. ACRe links social, economic and environmental data to offer one of the only datasets that can be used to identify trends and perform comparable analysis within each state and across the U.S.

Access a unique ranking based on ACRe’s proprietary methodology that incorporates census data, crime data, environmental data, personal infrastructure data and climate change, for better risk analysis and assessment of each City, County, and School District in America.

Remove the dependency on rating agencies to determine the risk of municipal bond investments. Trust a team that has over three decades of experience and excellence in designing leading fixed income analytics, pricing models and trade analysis tools.

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The American County Review provides rankings and underlying data for socioeconomic factors including climate change, environmental, health, crime, flood risk, opioid prescription rates, mortality overdose rates, superfund sites, coal ash impoundment and more. ACRe provides a broad and detailed analysis of each individual County and its respective School District. Final rankings are provided for each County, School District, and City/Town. Counties, School Districts, and Cities / Towns are ranked both within their own individual state, as well as against all peers, nationally. This patent pending ranking is an invaluable tool for risk assessment for asset owners, retail and commercial real estate participants, and index providers.

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ACRe Data, Inc. is a leading provider of Alternative Data for the U.S. Municipal marketplace. ACRe aggregates data from numerous non-subjective sources, and ranks each City/Town, County, and School District in the United States using a proprietary methodology that analyzes census data, crime data, environmental data, health data, personal infrastructure data and climate change data. All data is linked to the of the issuer.

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