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Access ESG level scores and analytics on the ETF and Mutual Fund level to quickly compare and understand a fund's sustainability profile. Benchmark your fund's sustainability performance against 4000+ ETF and 32000+ Mutual funds.

Investment advisors wishing to quickly filter and find funds which meet their clients’ requirements can use Arabesque S-Ray's Fund Level Scores to find the highest performing funds within their selected sustainability criteria. Each fund will be scored at a granular 22 Sustainability topic level, enabling this in-depth analysis. Integrated confidence metrics allow full transparency on the securities scored within the funds.

Leverage fund level scores to achieve your sustainability goals by screening funds using targeted sustainability features, temperature alignment and corporate responsibility. Datapoints include ESG contribution from regions and sectors to understand sustainability tilts within the fund profile.

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The Arabesque S-Ray Fund level product provides users with our suite of sustainability scores at the aggregated fund level. This includes Arabesque S-Ray’s ESG score which integrates financial materiality, our Global Compact score which acts as a reputational risk score, and the 22 granular sustainability topic scores upon which these high level scores are built. In terms of climate assessments, the Temperature score distribution which indicates each corporates’ temperature rise contribution and the Emissions Intensity Ratio of each fund will also be available.

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ESG Book GmbH, is a global leader in sustainability data and technology. Incubated by Arabesque in 2018, ESG Book combines cutting-edge technology and proprietary research. ESG Book's wide range of cloud-based sustainability products and solutions are used by many of the world's leading financial organisations.

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