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Added to Marketplace: January 3, 2022


Gain a deeper understanding of the potential reputational risk facing a company by leveraging cutting-edge ESG solutions. S-Ray is the first to quantify the GC Score based on a normative assessment of the principles of the United Nations Global Compact (Human Rights, Labour Rights, Environment and Anti-Corruption). Start managing reputational risk by diving into business sustainability and social responsibility.

Identify companies that are better positioned to outperform over the long run. The ESG Score is based on a sector specific analysis of each company’s performance on financially material environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues.

Assess how corporations report on greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to global temperature rise through the Temperature™ Score's 2030 and 2050 degree pathway scenarios, complemented by indicators on a trend in decreasing emissions, a target to comply with the Paris Agreement and a scope 3 flag to highlight its disclosure. All three scores can be used with the Preference Filter, flagging business involvement in 13 controversial activities (e.g. Tobacco, Nuclear, Weapons, GMO etc.).

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The Arabesque S-Ray® data feed provides four lenses for analysis on the sustainability of 8,000 of the world’s largest corporations through the GC Score, ESG Score, Preferences Filter, and Temperature™ Score. The additional Feature layer data feed serves as the building blocks for the GC and ESG scores and provides even more insight into a company’s sustainability performance through scores on 22 well-defined sustainability topics. Through big data and machine learning, these scores combine over 250 ESG metrics from company reports with daily news signals from over 30,000 sources across 170 countries and NGO campaigns. The Temperature score is built from publicly disclosed greenhouse gas emissions data and covers over 3,100 companies.

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Arabesque S-Ray is a global data provider that focuses on advisory and data solutions by combining big data on environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics to assess the sustainability performance of companies worldwide. S-Ray empowers its users across the world to make more sustainable decisions. The firm’s evolution is the product of a partnership between leaders in finance, technology and sustainability all working together to mainstream sustainable finance.

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