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Empower your asset managers to gain a competitive edge in the investment process. Rely on an accurate, unbiased, evidence-based measure of expected returns drawn from more than eight decades of fundamental and economic data.

Gain access to metrics for virtually every equity with primary listings on the NYSE, NYSE American, and NASDAQ exchanges, as well as international companies whose shares are traded in the US (ADRs). The current universe includes over 5,100 active equities.

Leverage extensive historical data, including point-in-time data back to 1999, for deep and unbiased analysis.

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Arialytics IDEAS™ is a comprehensive, point-in-time artificial intelligence data feed that processes millions of data streams into return assessments for 5,000+ US listed equities (including ADRs), and 200+ industries across seven investment horizons ranging from one month to five years. Arialytics IDEAS™ provides both real-time analytic value and historical depth to asset managers.

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Arialytics was founded in 2010 and is a leading provider of artificial intelligence investment research and portfolio solutions. The company helps asset managers and investment professionals reduce bias in research, increase rational decision-making, improve investment consistency, and obtain unique insights from data.

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