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Enhance your investment process by leveraging daily price movement data, retail data and consumer analytics. We understand that traditional financial measures do not always provide a timely and complete story on the growth and health of most retail and consumer businesses. Clients utilize Ascential data to anticipate the daily price movements, availability, and new product introductions on e-commerce websites and marketplace platforms.

Ascential’s consistent, organized, compliance-friendly, structured data sets can support prediction models to track key current and historical measures. Fields are aggregated at the Retailer level down to the Subcategory, with fields on the count of products and SKUs stock status, markdown status, and newly introduced products & SKUs.

Of the many relationships to a company’s fundamentals found in the data, one can evaluate the relationship between a retailer’s level of discounting and markdowns and the parent company’s reported gross margins to nowcast likely gross margin on a weekly basis.

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Ascential works with the world’s best consumer brands and their ecosystems, connecting them with their customers throughout the purchase journey. Ascential also sells data to financial services clients. The Ascential alternative data team has expertise at pricing, sales and share, and consumer perception in sectors such as apparel, grocery, and CPG. Ascential’s Instock data tracks the price and availability of millions of apparel, footwear, and accessories products allowing our financial services clients to track movements in average price, promotional markdown depths for gross margin predictions, availability challenges, range expansions with weekly data, and up to 7 years history.

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Ascential is a leading specialist, global information company. We enable smart decision-making for the world’s most ambitious businesses. In an increasingly complex, digitally-driven world, we help the world’s top consumer product and service companies understand what’s important and how to act on it.

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