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Leverage powerful ESG thematic investment data to accurately analyze company sentiment, growth & risk. Proprietary algorithms determine company sentiment, growth and risk scores with trending analysis and comparative analytics to industry/market peers. Using the latest in thematic intelligence will empower your investors to make informed decisions.

Identify emerging risks or changes across your portfolio of companies in areas including executive leadership, labor force, facilities, M&A activity, various ESG signals, and more.

Explore trending themes. Gain insight into topics such as 'Trade Wars', 'Brexit', and 'Middle East Tensions’. Discover key phrases that emerge across themes.

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Bitvore Corporate, Market & Thematic Intelligence is a data feed providing business insights on hundreds of thousands of public and private companies from diverse sets of unstructured data, both public and licensed. Bitvore derives company material events, trended sentiment, growth, risk and ESG scoring, as well as comparative analytics to drive better business outcomes for customers. Bitvore also offers clients the ability to get insights into specific markets, industries or business themes.

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Bitvore provides unprecedented third party risk discovery from unstructured data. Deployed in over 70 of the world's largest financial institutions, Bitvore helps clients outperform by providing the ability to make faster and more effective risk assessments and mitigation. Their AI-powered ground-breaking analytics platform ingesting massive amounts of unstructured data and uses advanced NLP and machine learning to provide trended company sentiment, growth, risk and ESG scoring.

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