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Perform deeper analysis. Combine BoardEx data with fundamental or other data sources to identify correlations, patterns, and signals important to your organization or trading strategy. Enhance business development efforts, strengthen existing client relationships and make more informed investment decisions regarding issues such as ESG. Leading financial institutions, corporations and professional services and legal firms trust BoardEx to identify, qualify and connect them with decision makers.

Improve data quality. Update, backdate, cleanse, and enrich internal CRM data on clients and prospects with accurate, relevant, and updated data from BoardEx. Optimize your organization’s workflow and increase efficiencies with daily data updates for over 1,600 companies and 13,000 people, including board members, C-suite, executives, and senior managers. BoardEx creates approximately 2,500 new profiles and updates roughly 27,000 profiles weekly to ensure comprehensive, high quality content.

Enhance Tracking and Reporting. Assess executive team and board changes and how their background may affect the performance of a company, fund, or index so you can manage exposure. Perform statistical research on business leaders to understand trends in leadership, management, diversity and inclusion, governance, compensation, and networks.

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The BoardEx People Intelligence Data Feed provides accurate, relevant and timely executive and company data curated from publicly available sources. Delivered daily or weekly in a secure format, the feed includes categories e.g. People, Company, Announcement and Committees. Access executive and company information and specialist data across sectors, indexes and geographies to reveal analytics and insights for data-driven decisions. The BoardEx dataset covers career history, education, achievements, gender, name, age, accumulated wealth, equity-linked wealth, compensation, board, committee and role announcements, company type, advisors, market capitalization, stock, sector, index, corporate actions, PE holdings and more.

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BoardEx is a proprietary relationship mapping and people intelligence service that helps clients connect to their target audience with warm introductions and referrals. The global leadership database covers 1.4 million board and non-board members, C-suite, senior leaders and advisors at 1.9 million organizations. Assess the impact of executive and board changes on current holdings, to enhance client relationships and develop new business with BoardEx, a vast dataset collected over 20 years.

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