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Enhance models with unique U.S. public company data relating to headcount, cash contributions, and benefits coverage. This data is typically uncorrelated with Fama-French market & fundamental factors (e.g., market cap, size, volatility) and have Sharpe ratios of 1.5 - 2.0. Gain access to precise employment, cash expenditures & industry classification as reported to the IRS in addition to revenue & EBITDA estimated from IRS reports for US private companies with employee benefits.

Identify short selling signals for public companies using data such as delinquency in IRS payments relating to benefits & pensions, downward trends in headcount & cash contributions, cutbacks in payroll & benefits, and amendments to prior filings. Analyze similar growth & credit metrics for U.S. private companies with employee benefits.

Leverage the fact that the same information is available on both public and private companies for better comparable and valuation analysis. Build lists based on industry, revenue, EBITDA, and growth to enhance prospecting efforts . Uncover industry trends & perform deeper market share analysis. Incorporate quantitative measures of company generosity with welfare & retirement plans into ESG models.

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Access over 250 data items sourced directly from filings submitted to the IRS and Dept. of Labor. The public company universe includes all U.S. public companies & U.S. subsidiaries of global companies with employee benefit plans (e.g., healthcare, 401k, profit sharing) representing roughly 4,000 entities. Data is point in time, 2010 - present, collected monthly, and covers all sectors as all U.S. legal entities must file subject to the same federal regulations.

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BQ collects financial information and derives predictive scores on every employer in the U.S., including over 4,000 public and 13 million private companies. BQ leverages audited filings submitted to the IRS, Dept. of Labor, and SBA pertaining to employment, payroll, benefits, delinquencies, financials, and growth. BQ is used for equities, fixed income, macro, and munis, as well as private equity and banking.

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