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Added to Marketplace: March 16, 2022


Examine vetted capacity analysis around existing and developing projects. Deliberate the likelihood of a project coming online by utilizing BTU Grade. Analyze maps, development stacks, and forecasted capacity and generation with BTU Grade's proprietary data and algorithms combined with deep analysis.

Consolidate disparate data into a holistic, digestible format. Conduct analysis on data sets including federal, state, county, ISO, PUC, utility, developer, environmental filings, satellite imagery, and tax filings. Access historic EPA CEMS data and export hourly generation and heat input data.

Identify the rationale behind the changes in the current power generation markets with Power View. Assimilate the evolving U.S. power markets with analytics curated for project developers, corporate development, business development, and portfolio managers.

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Gain a comprehensive analysis of renewable and thermal generation markets with BTU Analytics' Power Outlook. Conduct asset-level analysis for operational and planned power plants and identify emerging risks and development opportunities. View forecasts of capacity, generation, and capacity factor by fuel and plant.

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