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Added to Marketplace: September 10, 2020


Gain comprehensive coverage of China A listed companies by accessing earnings call transcripts. Access highly granular data with human verified transcripts in both Chinese and English to enhance your investment process.

Transform unstructured data into actionable trade ideas with the ability to consume unstructured data in a systematic way.

Leverage Orbit’s cutting edge in-house Artificial Intelligence and deep learning algorithm to integrate a new source of alpha into your existing models.

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Orbit’s China A-Shares Transcripts data feed covers full universe of over 3,500 companies since 2018. Enhancements are underway to add five or more years of history. Content covers below 3 types, both in Chinese and English 1)Earning Call Transcripts 2)Public disclosures on broker onsite research 3)Executive official responses on online platforms

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Orbit is an innovator in text analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) computing for the financial industry. We provide a centralized platform for you to manage your unstructured data and extract insight for your business cases.

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