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Added to Marketplace: April 17, 2020


Discover Critical Insights: News integration and earnings call integration lets you analyze and view relevant commentary across transcripts and hundreds of news sources. Generate real-time investment data information as it impacts your portfolio for better decision making.

Filter the Noise: See all relevant commentary and market summaries in recently published transcripts and news so you are able to separate meaningful insight from a sea of volatility.

Intuitive Analysis: Our Time Series analysis monitors developments related to Coronavirus across watchlists, portfolios, and individual equities. Plus, the dashboard user interface provides an efficient, scalable way for portfolio managers and analysts to monitor exposures, find ideas, and quickly validate investment theses.

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Systematically monitor company exposure to COVID-19 with a live feed that tracks how your portfolio discusses the virus and what subtopics are being mentioned. Our NLP model analyzes earnings call transcripts and news articles for topics related to Coronavirus (COVID-19), such as Facilities, Financial Expectations, Guidance Change, Insurance Risk, Supply Demand and others.

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Amenity Analytics' NLP Platform uses Artificial Intelligence to empower businesses to draw actionable insights from text on a massive scale. With domain expertise in the financial sector and customizable to any strategy or industry, Amenity analyzes regulatory filings, earnings call transcripts, news coverage and research reports or internal documents. Information in text is pinpointed and then delivered in effective formats that are intuitive to use and designed to enhance existing workflows.

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