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Added to Marketplace: March 9, 2022


Get the tools your operations users and data analysts need to define and maintain their data sources, build and execute business rules, and establish workflows that match their data quality and data processing needs as well as their management information requirements.

Gain a highly configurable solution that can be easily deployed in the cloud or on premise, with minimal change or disruption, and quickly accessed alongside any established data architecture without the need to add to or replace existing applications and databases.

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CuriumDQM puts data quality management firmly in the hands of business users. Data operations users need access to the best possible information and software solution features to find, manage, investigate, resolve, and report on data issues across the firm’s data architecture across incoming data feeds and internal data sources for any data type, in any structured format. CuriumDQM can be deployed individually or as part of the broader CuriumEDM data management solution.

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Curium Data Systems is a specialist financial technology provider focused on data management. The company is dedicated to delivering market-leading data management solutions typically deployed on cloud technologies to organizations within the global finance sector. Curium’s data management solutions ensure firms can implement the risk controls and governance they need across all their key datasets.

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