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Added to Marketplace: March 10, 2022


Simplify the job of introducing data management controls to your firm’s data architecture and configure data gathering, data modeling, and all key data processes within a toolset designed specifically for investment management firms and without the need for specialist technical resources.

Get total transparency in your datasets and answer key questions: Who owns the data? How is it defined? How do we use the data and how do we develop quality control? - using a single application.

Understand and manage all your key data inquiries and processes and take advantage of data management functions that were once available only to the largest industry players, at a fraction of the cost and resource requirements.

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CuriumEDM provides innovative and high-performing business processes for the validation, quality control, matching, mastering, and analysis of key datasets combined with optional modules to track and control the gathering, temporal storage, lineage, governance, and distribution of those datasets across the data architecture. CuriumEDM features all the features and functions of the CuriumDQM process control solution.

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Curium Data Systems is a specialist financial technology provider focused on data management. The company is dedicated to delivering market-leading data management solutions typically deployed on cloud technologies to organizations within the global finance sector. Curium’s data management solutions ensure firms can implement the risk controls and governance they need across all their key datasets.

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