Cybeta Cybersecurity Breach Likelihood & Financial Loss Dataset

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Added to Marketplace: June 17, 2022


Enhance the risk management of your investment portfolio and vendor list with the only externally validated dataset focused on cybersecurity breach likelihood and financial loss. Steer clear of troubled assets, benchmark investments against peers, and produce superior portfolio returns with insight into the relative cybersecurity risk of your public and private assets.

Adopt a standard measure of cybersecurity breach risk in your portfolios. Measure cybersecurity-related risks accurately with a systematic evaluation of enterprises that mimics the hundreds of variables in a hacker's reconnaissance approach.

Rely on metrics that are built on patented technology and can predict a breach up to 12 months before it happens. Make passive portfolio allocation decisions and actively influence cybersecurity decisions on a company level. Avoid significant breaches that can ruin the returns of an entire portfolio and may lead to the bankruptcy of principal holdings.

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Leverage 25+ externally validated cybersecurity data fields from Cybeta’s proprietary breach likelihood technology to quantify breach risk and estimate breach losses. Including over 27,000 public, private, and municipal enterprises, this dataset covers all major markets (e.g., U.S., EU, Asia) and indices (e.g., S&P, Russell, MSCI). Historical data starting from October 2015 is predictive up to 12 months in the future and enables efficient backtesting of investing strategies. Monthly updates are available immediately; however, weekly and daily are available upon request. This dataset connects to legal entity identifiers (LEIs) as well as other industry-standard identifiers.

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Cybeta is an analyst-driven cybersecurity data science company that uses patent-pending technology to assess, predict, and prevent cybersecurity breaches. We serve clients that want to understand the totality of threats facing their enterprise, from phishing attacks to deliberate nation-state operations. Keeping your business from being the target of a cybersecurity breach is our mission because prevention is your best cybersecurity investment.

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