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Added to Marketplace: June 30, 2021


PlaceIQ’s data is trusted by leading brands, researchers and analysts to provide accurate insights with high-scale, high-quality data that drive business decisions.

PlaceIQ’s ready-to-use dataset is focused on finserv use cases where simplicity counts. It delivers foot traffic data by individual locations within a brand (all Target locations), a category (all Big Box Retailers) or across the US ( coverage for 400+ brands across retail, dining, auto, entertainment and more.

Daily Visit Count can be used to monitor a store’s recovery from Covid-19, compare store-by-store performance, understand how a brand’s visitation compares to its competitors, and easily integrate mobile footfall data into your models.

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The Daily Visit Count product provides normalized foot traffic for individual locations belonging to over 700 brands across the United States. The data can be used to understand store-by-store trends, compare visitation between competitors, and understand share within categories. PlaceIQ uses mobile location data collected from millions of devices in the US to understand consumers and the places they visit.

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PlaceIQ is the leading data and technology company that helps businesses leverage location-based insights to connect with and understand audiences.

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