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Analyze trends in executive and director compensation. Combine equity data and company compensation data to super-charge your investment process. Benchmark pay and calculate how well a company’s pay practices align with performance. Compare top-level pay packages against a company’s peers and identify governance outliers.

Leverage insider transaction information. Leverage the insider transaction data to gain a competitive edge for your investors. Track new equity grants, exercises, and stock sales of corporate insiders, and map their equity movements into quantitative trading models.

Prepare for future vesting and money in motion events. Elevate your fundraising or wealth management by identifying key events through the upcoming vesting of equity awards and compensation changes.

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Equilar’s Data Feed allows assessment of the quality, track record, and decision making patterns of executives and board members. This 360 degree view includes compensation and incentive metrics, career history over public, private and non-profit companies, equity transactions and future liquidity events, relationship strength and corporate connections, and ethnic and gender diversity. Collectively this represents the next generation of ESG (Executive, Social, and Governance), reflecting the performance and effectiveness of diverse leadership. Explore each data set to determine the combination that best fits your needs: 1. People Business Intelligence 2. Equity & Compensation 3. Executive & Director Relationships

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Equilar is the leading provider of corporate leadership data solutions. Companies of all sizes rely on Equilar, including 70% of the Fortune 500 and institutional investors representing over $20 trillion in assets. Equilar’s data-driven solutions helps business leaders, institutional investors and advisors assess leadership talent through a social and governance lens and drive exceptional results.

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