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Gain in-depth ESG insights for the Korean market to integrate socially responsible investment data into your investment process. Use ESG research to empower impact investing. Who’s Good delivers data from reliable and local sources. Their AI-based analysis incorporates international standards and leverages their extensive knowledge of the Korean market.

Create weekly alerts to identify the latest high-impact ESG incidents. All listed companies in Korea are tracked using our AI-based algorithms scanning over 15,000 Korean news articles every day. Read the most relevant articles directly from the original news source.

Benefit from a transparent rating model. Who’s Good provides scores calculated from over 160 indicators as well as the underlying raw data. Users can customize the dataset for their specific needs.

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Who’s Good analyzes both overall ESG performance and specific ESG incidents at companies to provide comprehensive risk management insights. The ESG Performance Analysis shows companies’ strategies and policies as well as important company statistics on ESG. This analysis is based on reliable public and open data sources and shows how well companies are prepared to prevent ESG risks. The ESG Incident Analysis identifies corporate scandals and incidents from a large universe of news articles. The AI algorithms provide key risk signals based on the impact of incidents that occurred.

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As the first AI-based robo-analyst in Asia, Who’s Good provides corporate risk assessment services. They use public big data and artificial intelligence to disclose and analyze data on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues and their potential impact on company performance. Insights from Who’s Good can also help assess ESG risks and opportunities at the portfolio level.

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