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Integrate executive assessment scores into your investment process to mitigate risk and push your firm forward. Identify idiosyncratic CEO, CFO or Board risk for public companies using executive scores based on a structured, fact-based methodology. Executive teams represent a clear, measurable, unique risk factor that has been shown to be a leading indicator of future company level operating and price returns.

Rely on due diligence performed by a team of mostly CFA charter holders with years of experience evaluating management skill and compensation plans. Analysts are assigned as sector generalists and conduct their research process in the exact same way across all CEOs, CFOs or other senior executives in the industry.

Access over 10 years of monthly out-of-sample Fiduciary Risk factors without survivorship bias

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The Team Quality Ranks score executive teams on a double relative basis versus similar size, similar industry peers. Separate ranks are calculated for individual CEOs and for 5-person executive teams. Scores are based on three factor baskets: operating traction, pay & incentive alignment, and fiduciary risk factors. Bottom quintile teams consistently underperform both their industry peers and broader indexes on price returns, ROA, ROIC, and ROE. Fiduciary risk factors are available as a monthly time series, executive changes are available weekly, and ranks are updated daily.

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Management CV is a pioneer in applying statistical science to assess relative management quality at public companies. Their structured methodology calculates statistically significant rankings to help equity and debt investors determine the relative risk and operating ability associated with company executives. Fiduciaries rely on Management CV’s system to ensure that they are properly, and factually, aware of the background and incentive alignments of the management teams in their portfolios.

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