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Added to Marketplace: March 16, 2023


Determine the geographic footprint of a company based on sources of revenue, versus country of domicile for a more robust understanding of each company’s risk exposure.

Overcome the limitations of as-reported data by relying on a proprietary geographic classification structure and the calculation engine that algorithmically distributes revenues from a disclosed region to a country level.

Utilize precise country-level revenue exposures to relate macro factors and events to the investable universe.

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FactSet Revere Geographic Revenue ("GeoRev") Exposure data provides a highly structured and normalized display of companies’ revenues by geography. To achieve normalization, FactSet GeoRev captures data through a proprietary four-level geographic classification structure. An estimation algorithm based on GDP weighting and accounting logic is then applied to solve for any non-explicit disclosures. The result is a consistent, accurate, and flexible dataset that can take a company’s revenues and break them down into any geographic country or region categories.

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