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Added to Marketplace: November 19, 2021


Expand alpha factor generation and ESG research beyond a single company or portfolio by integrating timely data insights associated with other economically-linked counter parties.

Identify both Direct (disclosed by a reporting company) and Reverse (disclosed by counter parties) relationships to understand each company’s comprehensive ecosystem

Anticipate the downstream impact of changes in a relationship network and understand opportunities and risks caused by events.

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FactSet Revere Supply Chain Relationships data exposes and classifies the business relationships and interconnections among global companies. Relationship information is sourced from trusted primary sources and reverse-linked to non-disclosing parties, creating a comprehensive and consistent relationship graph through time. Normalization of relationships into 4 main categories (customer, supplier, partner, competitor) and 13 sub-types allows for precise categorization from either company’s perspective, while relationship keywords, relevance ranking and known revenue dependencies provide meaningful relationship-specific context.

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