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Gain access to detailed line items for thousands of US public and private banks, thrifts, and depository institutions.

Perform deep cross-sectional analysis to identify industry trends in hundreds of metrics on profitability, capital adequacy, loan/deposit composition, asset quality, and more.

Analyze regulatory branch data from the FDIC to develop insight into deposit market share, market share concentration, and branch locations, along with state, country, zip code, and metropolitan statistical area (MSA) data.

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The FactSet US Bank Regulatory Financials database provides a more granular view into a bank than SEC filings, offering greater detail and accuracy. Both public and private banks in the US, including subsidiaries, are covered. All bank holding companies within the US that file forms Y-9C, Y-9SP, and Y-9LP are included. All bank institutions in the US that file FFIEC 031, 041, and 051 are covered. Data is presented largely on an "as-reported" basis, with subtotals added and some standardization and stitching performed to enhance usability. The FactSet US Regulatory Bank Branch database provides branch and deposit data for the US bank branches of all FDIC-insured institutions, including location, deposits, deposit growth, and market share.

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