FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS)

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Added to Marketplace: March 26, 2020


Give your firm a competitive edge against the competition by incorporating relevant FDA data into your financial workflows. Combine machine learning algorithms with highly trained data analysts to gain 100% accuracy and timely data updates following FDA release.

Identify previously unknown adverse events being reported at an elevated rate with RxSignal, Advera Health’s proprietary signaling algorithm.

Get ahead of the curve. Backtesting has shown that RxSignal predicts 72% of FDA label changes.

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Advera Health's FDA Adverse Event Reporting System Database is the gold standard for cleaned, de-duplicated, and dynamically linked FAERS data.

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Advera Health Analytics is a global leader in pharmacovigilance software, analytics, and data at the leading edge of drug safety science. Founded in 2010 by a group of passionate healthcare entrepreneurs, Advera Health’s mission is to mitigate risk in the healthcare system by improving the transparency and actionability of drug safety data through the curation and aggregation of large disparate datasets and the application of proprietary analytics.

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