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Added to Marketplace: May 20, 2020


Incorporate FactSet’s powerful data model solutions into your financial workflows to give your firm a competitive edge. Complement existing models with information that is unique, actionable and uncorrelated with any other signals. Scores are based on importance levels and a subset of signals carry plus/minus scores.

Enhance idea generation, portfolio insurance, and risk management processes. Gain unique insight into competitors, suppliers, and customers.

Leverage a model that combines intelligent software with a human overlay to miminize false positives.

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FirstAlert utlilizes Al, Natural Language Processing and analytics to dynamically source and analyzes unstructured data (text) in companies' corporate filings, extracting and revealing key information buried in mountains of text. Automated alerts deliver timely notice of the uncovered insights and material changes from previous filings. Highlighted information ranges from alerts requiring immediate action to insights into long term trends in the industry, to subtle changes in language that signal intention or internal projects that are significant to investors. The information revealed is often otherwise unknown to the marketplace and provides early indications of management intentions or projects that precede company announcements.

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280first is a financial services firm that dynamically analyzes unstructured data from various sources to produce actionable insights for investment professionals. The first to combine Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Data Analytics with experienced analysts, 280first decodes the text within financial filings to allow for deeper analysis, higher productivity, and more informed investment decisions.

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