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Added to Marketplace: March 2, 2020


Gain timely and detailed insight into which transactions are most likely to indicate future share-price performance with this active portfolio management tool. Quickly filter out the noise and highlight trades that matter most to you.

Easily link investment grade insider transactions with other traditional datasets such as fundamentals, news or broker estimates to identify new opportunities. Smart Insider’s historic data has a proven track record in giving signals which help clients improve their investment decisions.

Rely on active portfolio management data that is processed under consistent criteria using bespoke software tools and secondary data sources to ensure records are accurate and complete.

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Smart Insider offers a daily update containing share transactions by company directors and senior management. Monitoring over 60,000 companies across 60 countries, coverage includes all listed stocks in markets where Insider transactions are reported. With around five million transaction records growing by 2,000 per day, Smart Insider’s global insider transaction database dates back to the mid-1990s in some markets. Each transaction has been scrutinized by Smart Insider production analysts to ensure consistency, accuracy, and timeliness. Use Smart Insider data to make sense of daily trades, test hypotheses and build algorithms.

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Smart Insider has been analyzing insider transaction data since the 1980’s, covering more markets and offering deeper native history than any other provider. Elements of our proven stock ranking and consulting service for desktop users have been incorporated into our transaction quant feed to give deeper insight into the trades that matter. Our unique production methods deploy proprietary software and trained analysts to produce the most timely, comprehensive and accurate data available.

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