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Added to Marketplace: December 22, 2021


Optimize your data standards and easily find replacement investments when ESG metrics are no longer satisfactory. When checking conformity to mandates or preparing to update SFDR disclosures, you’ll find that some of your holdings have degraded with regard to their ESG metrics. Find peer investments with the same credit rating and better ESG metrics to optimize your holdings.

Dig deeper into your portfolio and the instruments it holds. Native cross-referencing of data types allows you to analyze relevant ESG data alongside content for the related issuing legal entities, at any hierarchical level of a group. Integrate and compare your findings with historical data to screen your portfolio for all relevant ESG insights and changes in status.

Make your investment decisions less susceptible to greenwashing. Discover and compare ESG metrics, and use data governance and a quality framework to validate them against data standards while checking for completeness, staleness, and plausibility.

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GoldenSource ESG Impact is a data management product for operations teams, portfolio managers, and analysts dealing with interlinked reference data, fundamentals, and ESG data. In addition to facilitating ESG-related portfolio management and reporting with granular depth and data governance, it complements FactSet’s comprehensive symbology between datasets such as Company Fundamentals and ESG.

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GoldenSource's software, services, and expertise enables firms and institutions in the financial markets to manage risks, comply with regulatory requirements, and control costs in the middle and back office with a trusted source of complete, high quality, consistent information.

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