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Produce more accurate insights and gain an objective view. Generate new investment ideas, discover unforeseen insights, and predict future market moves with historical data and enhanced analytics. Most buy- or sell-side analysts use pricing and reimbursement data to support life science products and generate stock analytics. With enhanced payer influence across key markets, having timely, single-source pricing and reimbursement data provides extra depth to product and stock forecasting.

Get a better indication of market trends and dive into pharmaceutical and biotech industries with GPI’s dynamic alternative dataset. Rely on real-world pricing, reimbursement, and access data used to identify payer hurdles and inform probable price and pharmaceutical firm revenue forecasts. Compare clinical data across the disease landscape and receive estimates of upcoming product and stock performance. Analyze the activities of key players with revenue forecasting and reimbursement timelines.

Eliminate the need to search for original sources of pricing and reimbursement data, experience simple integration, and reduce the cost of commissioning additional data points.

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GPI pulse™ provides you with integrated and centralized data from disparate sources, directly into your workflows. GPI pulse™ contains data on pharmaceutical products, including prices across the supply chain at pack level, reimbursement status, launch date, and much more. Industry expertise, domain specialists, and machine learning provide the accuracy required for faster decision making. GPI’s external datasets can be used for data evaluation, trend spotting, and deep-dive on industry-specific trends. Asset revenue forecasting, reimbursement timelines, and healthcare system-specific understanding enable a more detailed understanding of the market and the activities of key players.

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Global Pricing Innovations (GPI) is a team of pricing, market access and commercial strategy experts, solving challenges in biopharma via technology and data. GPI provides a vast dataset relating to the pricing and reimbursement status of pharmaceuticals across the supply chain.

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