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Unlock the power of the largest social media platform for retail investors in China. Retail investors play a vital role in China's stock market, contributing 80% of the trading volume and influencing the stock market volatility. GUBA has tens of millions of retail investors and provides a deep insight into their interests and public opinions, and the statistical predictive power of social media-based factors has been proven and can enhance alpha and reduce the risk for most quantitative models.

Overcome the language barrier of the locally sourced financial sentiment data. The database turns the unstructured Chinese text data that is full of internet slangs into structured machine-readable analytics, to help global investors access the vibrations of China's market.

Leverage a proprietary NLP engine to gain accurate sentiment analysis. Based on over 3 million manually labelled and cross-checked training data, NLP models are dedicatedly optimized to capture the semantics better and deliver more precise sentiment score, and achieve industry-leading levels of accuracy for processing Chinese text in finance industry.

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GACRIS is built on 1 billion+ posts/replies by tens of millions of retail investors that comprehensively covered all A-share stocks since 2007. The database provides rich fields including 1) interest/popularity (number of users/posts), 2) sentiment/opinion (sentiment score from -1 to 1,) 3) user profile (experience), 4) post meta data (device, number of replies/likes). It presents a comprehensive view of the investment opinions of China's retail investors. Discover the hidden trading signals from the largest financial social media platform in China to adjust investment strategy in time to enhance returns and reduce risks. The data is updated on daily basis and historical data is available from 2007.

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As a FinTech company, Datago Technology Limited focuses mainly on providing Chinese text data analytics in finance industry. By leveraging big data and AI technologies to process large-scale text data from comprehensive sources like news, reports and social media, we provide easy-to-use machine-readable data analytics for the capital market in Greater China.

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