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Added to Marketplace: April 27, 2020


Tap into the power of voice. Use distinct quantitative voice characteristics extracted from players in earnings calls to add new and completely different alpha to your stock prediction algorithms.

Unlock the power of the mind. Integrate the 'how' of a message into your portfolio strategy, with the world's first systematic method for capturing affect in an executive's voice.

Look beyond traditional text for sentiment analysis. Gain a competitive edge with immediate access via Helios’s real-time voice API.

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Helios Comprehend is the first widely available data product that can systematically assess affect in the voice of an executive during earnings conference calls to produce novel and meaningful sources of quantitative information. During earnings conference calls, executives exhibit specific voice-based affect signatures that represent their understanding of company fundamentals. Thus, the affect in their voice may or may not coincide with the specific words they are saying, particularly if the company is under stress. This difference in information can provide an unparalleled competitive advantage for investors who integrate Helios’s voice API into their investment strategy.

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Helios offers investors a new way to analyze meaning using the true metric of human nature: the voice. Research shows that the tone of voice accounts for 38% of human communication. Helios leverages advanced voice-processing, voice analytics and AI technology to extract and analyze information leaked from the voice that is not picked up by traditional text-based analysis. The Helios Comprehend product is a must-have for equity traders.

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