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Going Beyond Accounting Ratios and Corporate Financial Statements - HOLT recognizes corporate financial statements can be misleading. Companies typically employ highly subjective accounting methods which distort the true profitability of the firm and make traditional accounting ratios suspect. The HOLT methodology corrects subjectivity by converting income statement and balance sheet information into a CFROI return, a measure that more closely approximates a company's underlying economics.

CFROI is an objectively-based return measure that can be viewed to assess the firm's historical ability to create or destroy wealth over time. CFROI is comparable across industries and geographies due to the framework's inflation adjustments and ability to adjust for regional accounting standards.

HOLT platform users can quickly assess whether the market is fairly pricing in a company's prospects for value creation. Essentially, users can decide if the market is optimistic or pessimistic about a company's prospects based on future returns implied by the stock price. Users can compare HOLT's warranted valuation, as well as their own assumptions about the company, to the expectations of the market and gauge whether the stock is overvalued or undervalued.

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The HOLT framework is used by nearly half of the world's largest asset management companies to help them make smarter investment decisions. HOLT's expanding reach into markets and sectors around the world has made it a valued resource for institutional investors of almost any size. HOLT Core Metrics includes proprietary corporate performance and valuation measures from the CFROI® framework. HOLT's metrics are comparable across industries, countries and time due to the unique nature of the framework's inflation and accounting adjustments. HOLT Core Metrics includes data points across various categories including economic-based returns, valuation and momentum.

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HOLT is a team that helps investors make better decisions by using an objective framework for comparing and valuing companies. HOLT provides investors with a unique and consistent approach to benchmarking the corporate profitability of 20,000 companies around the world. The HOLT methodology eliminates distortions in global accounting statements, enabling clients to focus on investment decision-making, rather than on data collection.

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