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IdealRatings ESG Basic Dataset has been compiled to provide a holistic view of the sustainability performance of companies around the globe. While our ESG research and analysis expands over +350 data elements, this level of profound assessment is not relevant for every use case, and hence this data set compromises the most important 25 indicators/KPIs out of each ESG data category; namely, Scores & Ratings, Qualitative, Metric, Business Involvement and Regulatory reporting (SFDR).

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Deliverables in this data set are: (approx. 25 fields) 1- Issuer Unique Code in IdealRatings database (WID) 2- Issuer Identifier (ISIN) 3- Issuer Name 4- Issuer Nation 5- Issuer Business Activities 6- Issuer Environmental Pillar Score- ('E' Score) 7- Issuer Social Pillar Score- ('S' Score) 8- Issuer Governance Pillar Score- ('G' Score) 9- Issuer ESG Score (overall) 10- Issuer ESG Rating (overall) 11- Set of ESG-Qualitative indicators 12- Set of ESG-Metric indicators 13- Set of Business Involvement indicators

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IdealRatings is a leading ESG and Responsible investment provider that empowers asset managers, asset services/owners, & financial institutions with an array of responsible investment solutions. IdealRatings provides clients with innovative data services, analytical tools, & reports for equities, fixed income, & REITs with a mission to enable responsible investments. IdealRatings' technology infrastructure offers 10m+ data points backed by an experienced research team & proprietary methodology.

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