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IdealRatings ESG Metric data set is a set of quantitative pertinent E, S, and G data that reflects companies’ actual implementation of their stated sustainability plans and program. The 40+ indicators cover Environmental topics such as carbon emissions, energy, and water consumption. Social issues such as, training hours, injury rates, donations. While Board members’ functions, structure, compensation, and shareholders statistics are aggregated and quantified for corporate Governance assessment.

IdealRatings ESG Metric data set helps investors run comparisons across various industries and between nations and/or regions. This data set also facilitates also benchmarking and microeconomic analysis and forecasting.

The data is provided in various metric units depending on the nature of the reported values. This includes percentages and absolute values in metric tons, gigajoules, cubic meter, etc. Some reported numbers are converted to the unified metric unit used per indicator. Monetary figures are reported in US dollars and most of the figures are reported per revenue for ease of comparisons.

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Deliverables in this data set are: (approx.30 fields) 1- Issuer Unique code in IdealRatings database (WID) 2- Issuer Identifier (ISIN) 3- Issuer Name 4- Issuer Nation 5- Issuer Business Activities 6- Set of ESG-Metric indicators

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IdealRatings is a leading ESG and Responsible investment provider that empowers asset managers, asset services/owners, & financial institutions with an array of responsible investment solutions. IdealRatings provides clients with innovative data services, analytical tools, & reports for equities, fixed income, & REITs with a mission to enable responsible investments. IdealRatings' technology infrastructure offers 10m+ data points backed by an experienced research team & proprietary methodology.

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