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Added to Marketplace: October 25, 2019


Streamline the Intellectual Property discovery process. InnovationQ’s semantic, machine-learning search engine is powered by common-language search and understands words in context. Craft better queries, faster, to efficiently explore over 110 million documents. This is the intellectual property search solution you were looking for.

Gain a competitive advantage with competitive insights. Use InnovationQ’s Semantic Map to visualize a technology space and current patents in an industry to better understand the competitive landscape.

Create & share C-suite reports. Make smarter business decisions with analytics and reports on patentability, market position, competitive intelligence and more.

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InnovationQ is an intuitive intellectual property search solution. Streamline innovation discovery, find key prior art, and gain strategic competitive insights quickly and easily with a simple, user-friendly interface. Simply type in a patent number or invention idea and instantly get a comprehensive ranking of relevant results. Through’s proprietary combination of concept-based, common-language semantic search and enhanced Boolean search filters, InnovationQ helps clients accelerate patent ideation and monetization.

Firm Information delivers comprehensive and intuitive tools for IP discovery, enabling efficient and unbiased investment decisions that add bottom-line value and drive innovation forward, faster.

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