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Viewer: Transform how you consume financial documents with this insights platform providing data summaries and research. Key business events are highlighted throughout the document and categorized as Key Drivers such as Guidance, Capital Deployment, or Cost-Price events, with the most important extractions flagged as positive or negative. Quickly navigate within the document by events or participants to reveal the insights in context.

Query Insights: Say goodbye to Ctrl-F as you search topics and phrases at a macro level across equities’ SEC filings and earnings call transcripts. See results sorted by key drivers and highlighted with positive and negative sentiment. Browse and apply trending queries to your search entries.

Analytics: Tell your investing story with boardroom-ready visuals. Aggregate data to identify outliers. Summarize your data into unique views with interactive graphical modules to quickly deliver insights to your team. Rank companies, sectors and topics by Amenity Analytics’ unique key drivers. Analyze current data summaries and research as well as track elements over time to show historical trends.

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Discover critical insights from unstructured financial text, research at scale and share your findings in boardroom-ready dashboards with Amenity Analytics’ all-in-one text analytics application, the Insights Platform. Using our superior natural language processing technology, Fortune 100 companies, hedge funds, financial exchanges and insurance companies extract key events, business trends and sentiment from earnings call transcripts, SEC filings, news and more.

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Amenity Analytics' NLP Platform uses Artificial Intelligence to empower businesses to draw actionable insights from text on a massive scale. With domain expertise in the financial sector and customizable to any strategy or industry, Amenity analyzes regulatory filings, earnings call transcripts, news coverage and research reports or internal documents. Information in text is pinpointed and then delivered in effective formats that are intuitive to use and designed to enhance existing workflows.

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