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Added to Marketplace: August 10, 2021


Drive your systems with real-time and historical global market data such as stock prices, news, and fundamentals, as well as detailed industry data. Seamlessly integrate your own or third-party bespoke content according to individual data needs.

Integrate Investment Dashboard with your trading infrastructure such as order management or portfolio management systems. Create and maintain market overviews, custom instrument lists, and messages to provide communication and guidance to your customers.

In addition to the traditional desktop solution, enable your customers to access their terminal settings via tablet. Deliver the same content and key functionality on the tablet version, as well as individual settings such as watch lists, portfolios, personal instrument history, and general application settings.

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Offer a branded, intuitive, and customizable financial information and trading terminal for your retail customers. Give your users the ability to evaluate portfolios or individual securities using real-time quotes and global market data. In addition, provide them with the fully-integrated technical analysis tools, fundamental data, derived data, and performance figures they need to take their analysis and investment decisions to the next level.

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FactSet creates data and technology solutions for investment professionals around the world, providing instant access to financial data and analytics that investors use to make crucial decisions. We combine our unique proprietary datasets, your in-house data, and third-party unstructured data to help you see and seize opportunity sooner.

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