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Added to Marketplace: March 15, 2022


An innovative and secure platform to explore and deploy investment ideas. Finsera provides asset managers a robust and flexible toolkit to harness their investment insights. It is a no/low coding solution which is yet extremely flexible and powerful

Intuitive, enabling and cost effective. State of the art investment platforms are increasingly out of reach for most managers who do not have the means to build a team of quantitative researchers and developers, and support a complex infrastructure

An entire system as a service A highly secure cloud-based solution, easily accessible from a Web browser or mobile device, eliminating the need and cost to install software or maintaining upgrades

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Develop a rich set of multi-factor models based on advanced quantitative and machine learning tools. Instantly use third party provider data or easily incorporate your own. Effectively construct and analyze fundamental, technical and event study factors, backtest and analyze performance. Designed with collaboration in mind. Data, universes, factors, models and simulations are shared across teams.

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Finsera provides an innovative and secure platform for institutional managers to develop and deploy their systematic investment strategies

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