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Added to Marketplace: August 24, 2022


Integrate employee sentiment analytics into both quantitative and fundamental portfolio construction processes. Explore exclusive insights from high-informed agents with a unique dataset that complements the typical factors used in portfolio construction and risk management.

Enhance your quantitative, factor-based investing approach with a greater awareness of corporate culture and employee motivation.

Go beyond language barriers and detect quantitative results quickly and easily with Kainoa Group's proprietary natural-language processing (NLP) model.

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Analyze multiple aspects of employee sentiment, including overall organizational culture, employee motivation, and work-life balance for a broad range of Japanese-listed companies.

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Kainoa Group is a financial technology firm founded by experienced individuals from the institutional financial services sector. It partners with organizations that have amassed unique data assets to deliver content to institutional investors via a secure, industrial-strength platform. It’s collection of alternative Japanese data solutions helps high-frequency trading firms, quantitative hedge funds, traditional investment managers with long investment horizons, and fundamental asset managers.

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