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K Score China A-Shares Stocks

Data Feed by Kavout

Added to Marketplace: June 15, 2019


This investment model helps you analyze K Scores to generate new equity long/short ideas, incorporate as a signal in investment models, or validate research as a screening parameter.

Discover alpha with high K Scores (7-9) indicating a higher probability of outperformance.

Mitigate risk in portfolio construction with this investment model by avoiding stocks with low K scores (1-3).

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The K Score China A-Shares data feed covers CSI 300, CSI 500 and CSI 800 component stocks. Scores are calculated daily and available to clients on the same trading day a few hours after the market closes. The K Score equity rating investment model is delivered as an integer with possible values ranging from 1-to-9.

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Kavout is a global investment technology company committed to empowering institutions and investors to find alpha, generate wealth and do more with less. The company specializes in the application of machine learning technologies to develop single, multi, and ensembled factors and signals from big data. Combining a world-class team of researchers, data scientists, and machine learning experts, Kavout creates data feed products and services to help investment managers make better decisions.

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